“My Body, My Choice.” Make up your mind, Teddy!

What are people doing with their minds these days? It’s one thing that people have strong opinions about things, but they tend to blather about their strong beliefs which have no real basis or are contrary to their own opinion. I hate talking politics, but let me use Ted Cruz as an example since he just said something moronic this weekend.

For example, Ted Cruz is against abortion. He’s also against athletes taking a knee in protest of their beliefs. This weekend he sent out an antivax tweet that said, “My body, my choice.” Hello? Hello? Ted? Theodore? Whoever you are? Do you have an evil twin that texts for you sometimes? How do I know which Ted not to vote for? Like, Ted, Teddy, Theodore? Please be sure that when you start printing posters for the next election, you decipher which Ted is running because I’m confused.