In case you haven’t noticed, our societal behavior has changed. When I was a kid, we had Civics as a full-time subject in school. We talked about elections, how congress works, and sometimes even helping an old lady to cross the street. It was exactly that. It was a class on how to be civil, and how our society works.

At this point, I’m not pointing the finger at anyone for causing our societal behavior, but I want to discuss the many aspects of how the Coronavirus has affected my life, my opinion of where things have drastically changed, and what to do about a civil recovery.

Being locked up for over a year was brutal for me. Being a social animal, a restaurant regular, and a swimmer, I had to find other forms of enjoyment as did mostly everybody in the world.

The thing is that now people have changed how they think and behave in terms of work, unemployment, eviction, feeling entitled because they have “suffered enough,” angry about mask mandates and other prejudices related to their freedom. I’ve read about many situations where restaurant workers are being abused due to the long waits for food because restaurants are short handed. I mean, I’m retired, but I wouldn’t want to be busting my ass waiting on unmasked people with an attitude.

Others are angry that people marching for Black Lives Matter aren’t getting charged with the same aggression as the insurrectionists. Oh, please. You might not like the topic, but what gives one group permission to march and not others? In both of these marching groups there were drop-in marchers that were not a true marcher at all. Why are we so quick to disparage what we think is the other side? Here is what I’ve endured because of the pandemic in addition to the lockdown, lack of the fresh groceries that I’m used to, and just plain living.

In March, my Ford Focus that I bought brand new had a recall problem with the transmission sensor. This sensor had been replaced twice already, and once while driving in the fast lane on the freeway, the car simply stopped like it was in neutral. I could have been killed! So, for the third time, I took it back to the Ford dealership for repair. I was shocked to find out that the manufacturer had been closed due to Covid and the part was back ordered with a waiting list of 6,000! The guy said that he had no idea if it would ever be available and if I had a problem, I should just buy a different car. I swear I wasn’t angry or demanding, I simply said whaaaat? Apparently, he had heard that question enough and he was down right mean!

I’m sorry that he worked for the Ford dealership that wasn’t able to help its recall customers, but why so surly? It’s his job. You don’t get to be an ass because you’re tired of Covid treating you badly on the job. Deal with it! Next, my dryer went out. I knew that it might so I had been pricing them for a few months. Apparently, parts and shipping are a problem. Now I find that they are almost 50% more expensive than they were a few months ago. Fewer dryers, fewer computer parts being manufactured, shipping all backed up. So, we are hanging clothes to dry until something changes.

Last week when my husband finished up at his doctors visit, he went to the checkout window that had tape on the floor to stand 6 feet back. Ok. That’s predictable. Then he spotted the primitive poster that said “Wait your turn, DON’T knock on this window, don’t even think about it!” The doctor’s office? Not a question about how he’s feeling, or have a nice day?

So, now the moratorium on eviction is ending. Some people are desperate that they are about to become homeless, and some are taking advantage. Nobody really knows who is really in need and who’s faking, and some are pointing fingers while some landlords have been driven to bankruptcy. Not all landlords are rich hogs, and not all black people have stopped paying rent because they’re lazy. Where is all of this cross talk coming from?

I remember my Mother saying “Why can’t we all just get along?” My question is will our society ever be civil again? Will we help people who are losing their homes if they need it? Will we call out the people who are taking advantage of unemployment because they’re taking advantage of all of us? Will people who are not getting a vaccine be convinced to get it if it will be for the better good of everyone, or will we all just continue to be prejudiced against everything that’s not ourselves? Please people, be more civil. If you’re in a job that you hate, move on. If you hate, spend more time enjoying the things that you love. The sooner we get back to normal, the sooner I’ll be able to buy a new dryer